Stará Pila

Tourist hostel in the heart of  Jizera Mountais

is a perfect place for:

  • school camps
  • holiday and short walks via village of Jizerka
  • tourists and trips all the way up on mountain tops
  • cyclists and rides on roads with no traffic
  • ski camps and trainings
  • cross-country skiers thanks to cottage's location right next to ski tracks of Jizerská Magistrála serviced by Jizerská OPS


Stará Pila (old sawmill) was built in the second half of the 19th century due to the development of glass production. In the 1970s, the rear wing was built. Today it is a part of the scattered area of the Jizerka monument area, which is situated on the plateau of the Small Jizera Meadow, below the Bukovec Hill, along both banks of the Jizerka River.


  • capacity of 60 beds
  • 5 and 6 bed rooms
  • shared lavatory
  • leisure room "Mlýnice"
  • sauna with a pool
  • storage room for skies and bicycles

No smoking

No pets allowed